Single Storey Extension, North Essex


Our clients wanted to better utilise a small enclosed patio outside their home and increase their living space by constructing a single storey extension.  Although their home is a traditional cottage, they wanted the extension to have a more modern look to contrast with the vernacular style of the original.  They also desired a light and airy feel to the interior.

Our solution

We worked within the constraints of the site to produce a flat roofed extension which avoided conflicts with the first floor windows and over-shadowing the neighbours property.  The central section of the roof is pitched and partially glazed to deliver light into the heart of the building and provide an interesting counter to the generally low ceilings throughout the building.  The end wall, which looks out over the garden is almost entirely glazed, including the gable of the pitched roof section.  To avoid the appearance of heavy structural element in the glazed fa├žade, two columns are placed behind the windows to carry the concealed beams that support the roof.

Work delivered

To enable our clients and the Planning Authority to visualise the design intent, we created a CAD 3D model from which perspective images and shadow studies were prepared.  Both found favour with the design, which was then able to move forward to the detailed design stage.

The extension is heavily glazed for its size and it was necessary to justify the fabric heat loss to Building Control.  We were able to achieve this by designing high levels of insulation to the opaque elements and providing the Local Authority with detailed heat loss calculations.  This being accepted, we were able to prepare working drawings for the Contractor.