Replacement dwelling in essex


Our clients had purchased a 1930’s house on a semi-rural plot in the Green Belt with views over an adjacent forest.  The existing house was poorly laid out and they wished us to design them a replacement dwelling, having a classical appearance but incorporating hi-tech services and low carbon technologies.  They also wished us to take the scheme to tender and administer the contract and build process.

Our solution

BRD designed a classically proportioned house, featuring a Regency inspired exterior incorporating bespoke stonework detailing and sash windows, Flemish bond brickwork and a Welsh slate roof.  The interior of the building is laid out with large formal rooms and generous family areas, surrounding a double height central atrium.  Part of our clients’ brief was to incorporate a feature staircase within the entrance way to the house.  This has been achieved with an oak faced helical stair with a cut string which rises within the atrium.  The generously high ceilinged interior has been enhanced by complimentary design work by both the interior designer and lighting designer.

A complex mechanical and electrical fit out was also included into the building which includes home entertainment, centralised audio visual control, lighting control, under-floor heating and comfort cooling.  BRD Tech worked closely with the consulting mechanical and electrical engineers and structural engineers to ensure that services and structural elements are hidden away from view but still perform as required.  In order to conceal the numerous vents and ducts which would normally pass through the roof, light weight false chimney stacks have been designed where the pots are actually duct terminals.  These stacks are impossible to tell from the real ones.

The building façade conceals the fact that it is a highly insulated structure with an impressively low air leakage rates, considerably better than Building Regulation requirements.  The entire building is heated using an air source heat pump – no gas boiler, with a nominal efficiency of 250%.  Individual room thermostats and floor heating manifolds are linked to a powerful integrated management system to ensure efficient use of energy.  This management system also controls the lighting system with pre-programmed lighting levels and PIR activation in some areas.

Work delivered

BRD Tech successfully obtained planning permission for a enlarged replacement dwelling in the Green Belt, that met with our clients’ brief.  Detailed working drawings and specifications were then prepared for the tendering process.  BRD Tech worked very closely with the consulting quantity surveyor during this stage and throughout the construction process to provide Contract Administration services and on site supervision.

As Contract Administrator, BRD Tech held regular site meetings with the main contractor and other design team members, who included structural engineers, E&E consultants, interior designers, lighting designers and technology designers.  Above all, BRD Tech provided a constant link for our clients through the Design and Construction processes.

Lead Designer and Contract Administrator – BRD Tech
Quantity Surveyor - Jelly Associates
Structural Engineer – Peter Hill Partnership
Mechanical & Electrical Consultant – Buro Happold
Interior Designer – Oliver Burns Interiors
Lighting Design – The Light Corporation
Audio Visual & Home Automation Systems – FAB AV
Main Contractor – Noble & Taylor (Ongar) Ltd