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House Builders to Face Water Shortage from April

No, not the early onset of a hot summer this year, but another Government measure to continue turning us green. April 6th sees the latest amendment to the Building Regulations coming into force – Part G, Sanitation, Hot Water Safety & Water.

The Currey Award 2008

BRD Tech Ltd, the architectural designers for William Searing Close, were presented with the award

Sustainable drainage schemes to be mandatory for new development

Ministers have signalled that within two years sustainable drainage sytems (SUDS) will be required for all new development.

Zero carbon

All new houses to be zero carbon by 2016 – what does it mean for you?

Applying for planning permission - a step by step guide

Are you thinking of embarking on a building project? Not sure how and if you need to apply for planning permission? Our step by step guide will help make things clearer and help you avoid any pitfalls.


A rebranding exercise can be incredibly exciting, powerful and invigorating, especially for small companies.

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